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Frequently Asked Questions

  Q: Can kids ride the Lift?
A: Mt Baldy Ski Lifts recommends any child under age 14 ride with someone 14 years or older.  Actual loading and unloading decisions are made by the on duty lift operator.  For more info on lift safety for kids please click here

Q: Who can ride the lift?
A:  Persons interested in riding a chairlift at Mt Baldy Ski Lifts should be physically and mentally capable of sitting on the chairlift under their own volition for at least 20 min.  Persons with known medical conditions that might compromise the guest’s ability to safely stay on the chair (such as seizures, psychiatric disorders, history of heart or vascular disease or strokes) should consider another activity at the ski area.

Q:  Can I bring a wheel-chair?

A:  In most situations, we can assist customer’s who use wheel chairs on the lift.  Some wheel-chairs, especially powered wheel chairs or other motorized equipment may be impossible to put on the chair.  Mt Baldy Ski lifts recommends persons with disabilities contact their doctor to better determine if riding a ski lift is appropriate for a particular individuals challenges or disabilities.   Actual loading and unloading decisions are made by the on duty lift operator.

Q:  Can I bring my dog?
A:  Dogs must ride in their owners lap or next to the owner.  Mt Baldy Ski Lifts strongly suggests all dogs wear a harness suitable for raising and lowering the animal.  This will be a requirement as of 6/2014.  Actual loading and unloading decisions are made by the on duty lift operator.  See the Ruffwear Doubleback Harness.  USFS guidelines and leash laws apply in the National Forest including the Ski Area.

Q: When is your Winter season?
A: Our Winter season begins as soon as conditions permit. Snowfall and cold tempuratures for making snow are both factors in determining when we can open. Typically, we hope to be open for Thanksgiving weekend.

Q: Do cell phones work in Mt Baldy?

A: For the most part no. However there are some select spots on the mountrain where cell service is quite good.  Unfortunatly those spots are at the top of lift #1 leaving the cell service at our base area virtually non-exsistant.  Up top you can ask a member of our staff to point you to a location where you will find cell service.

Q: Are there any resources available where I might learn about skiing safety?
A: All snowsports enthusiasts must thoroughly comprehend the Skier Responsibility Code.  For info on kids and helmets click here. For more on skier safety click here

Q: Can I access the Summit of Mt Baldy Via the Ski Area?

A: As long as you are not passing an entry/exit point, geographical feature, or boundry that displays a "Closed" sign you not otherwise breaking a Mt Baldy Ski Lifts Policy.  Entering a "closed" area is punishable by law.  For more information on conditions, permits etc in the San Bernardino National Forest go here for the Angeles National Forest go here